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Dallas, TX
reply to riot808

Re: [TWC] need help troubleshooting connection

could you give us a rundown of how your cable is run and how it splits? I had a similar issue with the tv's and it turned out to be the spliters.

are all 6 tv's with STB's?


Honolulu, HI
i'm not very sound with the lining and technical aspects but i'll try my best please bare with me... from what i understand theres a box on the outside of my house which a wire comes out of and connects to a splitter then the internet line goes around the house to the back room into the game room into another splitter but i've taken that splitter off and it still lagged but i put that one into the splitter to get cable for tv in the game room....

and i'm pretty sure theres a splitter for all tvs for the tv cable line another thing im not sure of is if it goes through a amp or not which i've been trying to figure out for a while and i'm trying to figure out if theres a better way to line it cause road runner won't help me they basically put me on the infamous black list and won't send tech's here anymore if it's related to internet