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Whoops, there goes another AMU
Fayetteville, NY

Blockbuster only for shipped discs

I am a Dish customer and have been using this Blockbuster service only for DVDs and Blu-Rays shipped directly to my home.

In my experience I gave up on their streaming service way back at the beginning. The interface for locating and choosing movies was just horrible, especially after I was spoiled by Netflix's much cleaner and user-friendly interface.

If there were one area where Dish needed to spend money, it was in a significant overhaul of that interface.

Hopefully Dish keeps the disc-to-home service, because it is a viable alternative to Netflix's comparable offering.

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Mentor, OH

I agree. Though as a Dish/Blockbuster subscriber, we weren't allowed access to Blockbuster streams. Though we could goto www.dishonline.com and stream anything that we subscribed to through Dish. But all Dish online is, is a reskinned Hulu [or so it feels].

So all we get are DVDs and games from the Blockbuster mail service.
Before I was paying for gamefly/netflix. Gamefly is 16 bucks a month, long turn around time.
Now I get blockbuster/netflix. Blockbuster through dish 10 bucks a month, better turn around then gamefly and I can get movies or games.
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Brooklyn, NY
reply to v35_pilot

FULLY AGREED - Ergen has no fuckin clue about this whatsoever, I hope he keeps his stupid old shaky hands off of my mail-based service.

For shipped Blu-Rays and DVDs Blockbuster is GREAT, much nicer than Netflix.