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Royal Oak, MI

Dish Customer

I'm a Dish customer who has the BB@Home package and for me it's been pretty good. Not only do I get 21 extra channels, but I also get 1 disc out at a time. And since I live near a BBV store, I'm averaging 2 discs per week. Since BB@Home has a channel from Encore and a channel from Starz, I can get all of the shows/movies that Starz/Encore/Plex has available from On Demand and Dish Online without paying for a Starz or Encore package. All for $10 extra.

Now the cons. The streaming part of the package probably has one of the worst interfaces you could think of with not a lot of choices. And you have to be a Dish subscriber to even be able to get streaming because Blockbuster is basically the name for Dish Networks very weak On Demand option. And if you don't live near a BBV store, then you're only going to get one disc per week because of turn around times. Plus BB Online doesn't have anywhere near the selection of discs that Netflix has.

It's good for what it is. But it never could compete with Netflix. That's probably why Dish never made the entire package available to non-satellite subscribers in the first place. And now they've decided not to upgrade to directly compete with Netflix. I wonder if all of their legal disputes is making them leery of spending money they may not have in the near future?


Fairfax, VA
I too am a Dish customer w/BB@home, and mogamer is right on all counts.