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Edgewater, MD
reply to ggma1126

Re: iphone 5, razr maxx, or samsung s3

said by ggma1126:

said by ggma1126:

I am having a hard time deciding on which phone to get so thought I would come here and get some input from those that have one or the other of these 3 . My droid X is starting to die (I dropped it pretty hard a couple of weeks ago) I use the phone mostly for texting, pics, some phone calls, and 1 or 2 apps - not a heavy data user - no video watching on phone. all input is welcome

thanks to all for the input - forgot to mention I also do email on the phone (exchange and personal) and PS: Jim I am a she not a he (lol)

also not looking to jailbreak or anything like that ---not that savvy with a cell phone

Also had a samsung a few years ago and was not happy with it at all and kind of soured on samsung - got rid of it for an iphone 3gs and from there went to a droid x which is where I am now

well you all have helped - I am going to check out the sIII but also will look at the ip5 on display at the store when I decide will let you all know

Honestly I have had all 3 and and I went back to the MAXX. The MAXX has a better radio. Calls were clearer and didn't drop calls. The MAXX is on Ice Cream Sandwich and supposed to get Jelly bean before then end of the year. Motorola really didn't do a lot of changes from stock ICS so it isn't bad...Verizon has the usual crapware on it but now with ICS you can disable it so no worries. Samsung was the worst as far as UI overlay. S3 which battery was bigger than the iphone 5 but it drained down just as fast. I also didn't like the feel of the S3 in my hand. Felt like a plastic toy. I wasn't a big fan of the iphone 5 feel in my hand either. I didn't care much for the call clarity. What kills them all even now is the battery life on the MAXX. I get around 16 hours of use out of my MAXX and that is moderate to heavy use. If you liked the DX then you will love the MAXX. To each their own though so go to the store and play with them all, hold them in your hands and pick which one you like.

(shrug) Maybe I am just a sucker for kevlar. lol


Mulberry, FL
Yep - same thoughts on the S3 and the Maxx.