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Re: [AB] V1000H: unable to print to LAN printer

before the new router arrived, I had it set up with a static IP on the DI-624, and tried to do the same with the Actiontec by assigning a static IP to the server's MAC address - which didn't work. It seems that the Actiontec is not seeing the device's MAC address. But I'll give it another try in case something wasn't right the first time.



What you are talking about is a DHCP reservation not a static IP. You need to get into the print server's settings and manually enter an IP that is outside of the Actiontec DHCP range.

If the print server only has a web interface then you'll need to hook it back into the DI-624 how you were using it before so you can log in and set the static IP.



I haven't been able to get into any settings on the print server box. It's supposed to be possible to telnet in IF there's a route between it and the computer - but of course, adding a route requires knowing the server's IP address ....
As far as I've been able to discover, the print server doesn't have a web interface.