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Happy Camper

I just today got my new MIFI hotspot (Jetpack) and I am very pleased.

Very easy to set up and way fast enough. Ran two speed tests separated by 4 hours and it was 16 down and 6 up both times (hooked to my laptop wireless). I had it running within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. It was super easy to connect my two Kindles too.

I had an older 3g plan with Millenicom using a Verizon package and I had problems every time I had to set it up after stopping service. I decided to upgrade and it was a good decision for me!

I use this for RVing and we winter in San Diego. I am looking forward to 4g speeds this winter.

Will test it out in a campground that gets 3g in about 10 days but so far I'm smiling.

Great service too from Millenicom. I somehow managed to order the wrong package and got the Sprint modem. I called and two days later I had the one I wanted. I of course returned the wrong one but they had me bent over and could have made this error complicated to correct. It was my fault no doubt about it but the change over was painless.

I'm a happy camper.


Cobbs Creek, VA
Good to hear. Enjoy!


reply to armed
I wish your happy camping. Enjoy yourself.


Bon Aqua, TN
reply to armed
Awesome man!

I had to cancel my millenicom account due to a very tight budget due to job loss and hours being cut.. I'm having to ration the small amount of shared verizon data that we have on the phones for my net use atm :-(


I hope things get better for you soon.

I was laid off in a recession many moons ago and it wasn't fun. Hang in there as hopefully things will improve.