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Torrington, CT
reply to Suntop

Re: Samsung

In a nice way, I want to tell you that you dont have a clue about what you are talking about.

IBM approached Bill Gates for an OS, but he sent them to Gary WhatsHisName who invented CP/M. The first time IBM tried to talk to Gary, he blew them off because he was flying his new plane. The second time, he blew them off because he refused to sign an NDA.

So IBM played hard ball with Bill (Bill just wanted to write Basic, and leave that OS thing to Gary, another stunningly stupid error just like missing that Internet thing, and 640K of memory thing.)
Bill bought the code from Gary. Bill came up with idea of licensing software but not selling it.

Bill got rich

Gary got jealous.

Read all about it in 'Barbarians Led by Bill Gates"

Fairfield, MT

Okay I will read it. I do not know much I admit that. Thank you for being kind and telling me I am wrong. I appreciate your post and thank you for the book suggestion. I will go look for it at my library.