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Weirton, WV
reply to davidhoffman

Re: [DIRECTV] directv install in apartment building

Should I risk getting evicted? Also I believe they are referring to the three lnb or 5 lnb dishes. They claim dish has a one-lnb dish plus something about line of sight for dish only but I don't think that is possible.

Warner Robins, GA

The line of sight issue might be relevant. DishNetwork and DirecTV satellites are in different locations in outerspace relative to any particular location on Earth. It could be that in order to get a stable signal the DirecTV pole/antenna placement would have to be placed in one of the common areas that the FCC regulations deal with. The DishNetwork pole/antenna may be able to be located within the no restriction area described by the FCC regulation. I am not allowed to have satellite TV because my apartment is located on the North side of the apartment building, is situated below a huge concrete/steel retaining wall, and dense tree line. To get a good satellite signal would require placing the pole about 30 feet to the side of the building in a definite common area. In fact it would be right next to the entrance roadway, making it vulnerable to being collided with.

It might be wise for you to contact a local DirecTV installer and pay them to do a detailed site survey. Make it explicitly clear to them that you are only paying for information about exactly where the pole and antenna would need to go to get consistently good signal reception. I do not know if you should explain that you need the detailed installation data to challenge an apartment owners restrictions on DirecTV installations. You do not want them bending the truth just to make a future sale. You need the absolute highest integrity about the data concerning placement.

You can also go to this website »www.sadoun.com/Sat/Installation/···ator.htm and get a rough idea of where the pole might be placed depending on the satellites needed to be used. At the bottom of the pull down list of individual satellites is a list for multi LNB antennas from DirecTV and DishNetwork.

Bloom County
reply to mikedz4

Should I risk getting evicted?
Only you can answer this....