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Newburgh, NY
reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: A mixture of bluster, hyperbole, and spin

I certainly would NOT destroy the nation and its constitution in a vain attempt to protect someone (I'm not really sure who's even being protected, the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats?) from boogiemen. I would NOT allow those in power to destroy the very freedoms that this country was founded on. I would NOT allow America to be turned into some kind of bizarre paranoid police state where the government goes unchecked while it wipes its collective behind with the constitution.

The BEST intelligence we have gotten to date has been from outside the borders of the United States. That is where we should continue to focus our efforts. If those methods lead to any involvement INSIDE the borders of the United States, the constitution and laws allow for those leads to be followed up on, IN A LEGAL MANNER, with evidence and courts and warrants, not by tromping around like a drunken elephant and stomping on everyone. I have not seen or read of ANY credible evidence of terrorism being collected by spying on American Citizens in the United States. I have only seen thousands of people's rights as Americans trampled on.

Since the death of OBL (actually, even before his death) al Qaeda has become a dead issue. They've lost much of their funding and been mired down in internal power struggles that have fractured them to tiny splinters. That's not to say that one of those splinters couldn't become organized and funded again and once again become a threat. The main course of action that should be pursued is the same as for almost every other crime. "Follow the money". OUR GOVERNMENT needs to stop cow towing to and covering up for the wealthy Saudis and Egyptians and others that finance all of this. We also need to stop pretending to be allies with and supporting countries that actively support these groups. If we're fighting a "war on terrorism" let's fight it WHERE and WITH WHO it needs to be fought. Destroying the rights and freedoms of American Citizens has NOTHING to do with that!

IF we REALLY had terrorists hiding behind every bush in this country, do you really think that we would not have the constant daily/weekly attacks that other countries who really do have large terrorist populations in them suffer with? Think of the things that we read about almost every day happening in nations like Israel. Why isn't that happening here? Because they just don't have the money or the manpower to do it.

If you are unsure about what rights I speak of, perhaps you need to read and LEARN the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights. If you truly love America, you will defend and preserve them and the ideals behind them, against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. Those words, those thoughts, those concepts are what makes America what it is. Do not let that be stolen from you.
Isn't it sad that those that raise their right hand and swear "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America" are usually the ones most likely to trash it.

Austin, TX
I enjoyed "cow towing". Nice imagery.

Again, no specifics here. And lots of bluster and hyperbole. And lots of vague assertions with lots of scare words about the Constitution (and you threw in the Declaration of Independence for good measure, although that has absolutely nothing to do with this), and I guess you're not aware that the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution? And lots of assertions about the magnitude of the threats in the USA, which you (and I) actually have little knowledge of, in general. We see only what's reported, and of course when someone is actually killed, or when someone tries to kill someone and publicly fails.

I'll try to guess what you are talking about, then.

Adopting an alternative set of judges (the FISA court) for validating wiretap and pen record requests? With a specific set of rules? But done in secret so that the subjects aren't alerted? Is THAT what has you so riled up?

Seems like pretty much everyone in Congress, and two Executive branch administrations (Repub. and Dem.) disagrees with you. And, this is about 187th on the list of issues that people in general want the government to address. Show me any polls where this rises above the noise level.

You never addressed my initial suggestion, which was, hey, dude, if you don't like it, get some different people elected. That's how it works. Good luck!