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Thorndale, PA

New home construction... Cat5e/RJ45 rewire?

Long story short, we are in the process of building a new home. It will be done in two weeks.

They ran Cat5e with RJ45 jacks to several rooms. They terminate in the basement into a Leviton box that appears to be a 47606-BTV -> »www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/ProductD ··· te=10251 and look to be punched down as phone.

the panel downstairs has...
PR1 is WhiteBlue/Blue
PR2 is WhiteOrange/Orange
PR3 is WhiteGreen/Green
PR4 is WhiteBrown/Brown

I can't see how the wall jacks are wired, and wont be able to until after settlement in a few weeks. I can say they are blue modules that have cat5e written in black on them.

I'd really like to use these as Ethernet and put a switch in the basement to connect them, but also have the potential to change them back to phone should the need arise down the road.

I know I'll have to disconnect the punched down wires in the basement. But can I connect them to something like a 47605-C5B-> »www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/ProductD ··· te=10251 and then run a patch cable from the RJ45 to an Ethernet switch and use as network, or later run from the RJ45 to punch down on the 47606-BTV to use as phone?

With the way the pairs are punched down to the 47606-BTV, what are the chances the jacks in the wall are wired for data/ethernet?

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Thornhill, ON
As long as both end follow the same wiring pattern, you're good.

Milford, NH
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That pairing is T568A. There is a lot of confusion about the two different EIA/TIA pinnouts because T568B is common in the US commercial locations for historical reasons.

EIA/TIA 568 spec requires use of the T568A pinnout in new construction. When you swap out the commoning block for a patch panel just wire up the patch panel using the T568A pairing order. I'd double check the jacks just to make sure since this was wired for phone.



Huntsville, AL
reply to Mark_Venture
Check this link for 568a/b pinouts.
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TIA/EIA-56 ··· /EIA-568


Pearland, TX
reply to Mark_Venture
here's what I did with mine..

pm me if you would like a cheat sheet...

Edmond, OK
reply to Mark_Venture
Strong likelihood that data and line 1 phone will work.
I was taught that ethernet uses 1,2,3 and 6. This allows for phone on 4 and 5. That was explained by Gabriel Torres here
»www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/ ··· icle/231 . If you have more than 1 phone, you can use 7 and 8, but you have to wire it to a different jack as line two would traditionally be on 3 and 6. Another problem occurs when you plug an RJ 11 (single line) or an RJ 15 (4 to 6 wires or up to 3 lines) into an RJ45 jack. The shoulders of the smaller modular plug eventually distorts pins 1 and 8 so they don't make contact if you ever plug in an 8 wire plug. My solution when I worked for the phone company was to wire an RJ45 with 2 pairs (orange and green pairs) on 1,2,3 and 6 and an rj 15 with the blue pair on 2,3 and brown pair on 1,4.
Anthony Parker


Thorndale, PA

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reply to medbuyer
Thanks everyone for the responses.

Yes, my concern was about the attachment of the wires, like being punched down as WhiteBlue, Blue, WhiteOrange, Orange, WhiteGreen, Green, WhiteBrown, Brown in the basement. Even though I know its punched down for "phone" could this have an impact on the wire layout for ethernet at the wall jack end? Hopefully the jack end is color coded and punched properly. I'll look at them once we get in.

asjamias, I have a smaller version of that.

What you have looks like what I'd eventually want to have.

When I get into the house I'll remove the 6 I need to have as data jacks. I managed to pick up a 47605-C5B from Homedepot for $20. I will punch the 6 cat5's which will be immediately used for data down to it. And I'll patch from there to my switch. If I need to use any of them as phone later, I'll just punch a short cable with RJ45 on one end to the 47606-BTV and plug it into the appropriate port on the 47605-C5B.

I'll likely make my own custom phone cables with RJ45 connectors on the "wall" end so I don't destroy the pins in the wall jack, or have the regular phone cables "wiggle" in there.

Thinking about it now, I probably could just use a regular patch panel outside the Leviton box, but I wanted to keep it inside and as neat as I could. Now that I look at yours, I don't think my Ethernet switch will fit inside the box, not to mention I'm already maxed out, so if I need to run more cables later, I'll have to make some changes.

In use... Netgear WNR3500v2.. see profile for PC and cell phone configs