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Flanders, NJ

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reply to DAOWAce

Re: Internet having issues after upgrading cable service

Well, now we're dealing with both the TiVo and the DVR (connected separately multiple times attempting to troubleshoot) box not receiving the updated service switch.

All attempts to troubleshoot by both TiVo and Cablevision have been futile.

Had a service appointment yesterday but the guy never showed up. Another one scheduled today!

Wouldn't be Cablevision without problems.. *sigh* Good thing I don't watch TV.

Edit: Turns out they had a physical trap on the pole preventing us from getting cable channels above basic. How could they not have record of this? I don't even..

Oh, and is this bad?

Downstream 1 2 609.00 MHz -6.44 dBmV 36.61 dB 256QAM 5361643 10657 67454
Downstream 2 1 603.00 MHz -6.94 dBmV 35.60 dB 256QAM 4065955 9121 62873
Downstream 3 3 615.00 MHz -6.27 dBmV 35.42 dB 256QAM 5202012 9670 61023
Downstream 4 4 621.00 MHz -6.65 dBmV 35.25 dB 256QAM 6507830 10807 63434
Downstream 5 5 627.00 MHz -6.77 dBmV 35.25 dB 256QAM 4512041 9912 65172

System Uptime: 0 d: 0 h: 21 m


Yea its not to good to have that many uncorrectables. Have you been checking the levels on the modem to see if they swing 12db still? What is the level on the cable box now . Is there any amp in your house? If the signal on the box/tivo remained the same and modem signal changed then you have a issue with that splitter leg or wire or connector.

Sometimes if there is a piece of cable shield braiding touching or near center conductor in connector it can cause signal to short out or levels to fluxuate , it will also give you corr/uncorr.