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Kingston, PA
reply to gar187er

Re: Does Comcast offer self-install for TV service?

Hmmm, are you sure about that?

The last time I tried Comcast residential TV, I still had business internet and the tech told me they rarely (basically never) run a second line to split the services because it's coming from the same spot on the pole anyways.

I really would rather a second line run so it's being split at the pole and not inside the house but oh well.

I also spoke with somebody else at Comcast and they said that they definitely DO offer self-install kits in my area so I'll probably go check it out tomorrow. I'm hoping to do a Dish vs Comcast comparison...

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Depending on local policies / plant design, you may get a second drop, or you may not.

The big problem is businesses taking advantage of lower residential rates. They usually will not install Residential services in a business address (which you are since you have biz class HSI), without a tech and a site survey to show it's a home business without public viewing. You will need to have a tech, no real way around it.

Depending on how long you have had the Biz HSI, your video service may be trapped out at the pole as well, which would require a tech to remove.
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Quakertown, PA
reply to sofakng3

Around her you ALWAYs get a second line. Im guessing you had a lazy tech.


Kingston, PA

Well... I'm getting a new installation (right now I only have business internet) on Friday and was told by my local office that I couldn't use self-install because my line was disconnected.

Maybe they did install a tap, but on the same line as my cable modem I receive my local channels in clear qam and my HDHomerun (with TSreader software) lets me tune to several encrypted QAMs so I think I'm already hooked up but regardless they are forcing a tech to come to my house on Friday.

We'll see how it goes!