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Re: [Exede] Exede and DSL

The Network Management Policy resumed on my spot beam a few months ago. It sucks. On September 30, Networx reports that I downloaded 3.35 GB during a 22.5 hour period. The average download speed was 347 kb/s while it is advertised as 512 kb/s. It was fast during the am hours and begin slowing at about 9 am. It did not speed up until 10:30 pm. During some periods of the day and evening, it was slower than dial-up. 3 downloads crashed due to slow speed amounting to about 45% of what I attempted to download and requiring me to restart them. Factoring in the crashes, the effective average speed was 191 kb/s.

That is typical of performance on beam 31 for the last 3 years except for a few months last spring and early summer while Exede was trying to trick customers into believing otherwise. In time spot beams for Exede will be overstuffed and underserved too.
Wildblue Value Pack, beam 31, Riverside gateway


said by Spice300:

Network Management Policy...beam 31...Exede will be overstuffed and underserved too.

ViaSat's CEO has indicated Exede will not be overstuffed, as in intentional overstuffing. When the children are out of school, like at Christmas time, I would expect slow-downs once system is loaded.

WB-1: 163's pattern tends to reflect 6 PM to 10 PM high usage, but I can still accomplish what I want (mainly Youtubbing & Surfing).

I always assumed NMP will slow down downloading...so seeing a result of "347 kb/s while it is advertised as 512 kb/s" when downloading would not surprise me. But, I have not experienced on Exede slow downloads yet, but I do downloads during non primetime hours.

YMMV on Wildblue...but on Exede 5, I'm not having speed issues yet, except for slower uploads, which most all of the time, it don't matter since I am not a power up-loader..
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