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Brooklyn, NY
reply to pnh102

Re: Blockbuster?

I'm still enjoying it - it's cheaper than Netflix and a lot less anal about how many discs we have out and their customer service is LOT NICER than Netflix...

...Ergen is a retard: what kind of a "Netflix-competing" service is when I WOULD NEED TO SWITCH TO HIS FUCKIN' JUNK SATELLITE TV in order to stream movies from Blockbuster?

Ergen is a STUPID ARROGANT OLD IDIOT, needs to fuckin' retire, clueless old fart.

My only concern is if this fucktard kills my mail-based Blu-Ray service...
said by bicker:

Waaaa waaaa waaaa. You just want what you want and don't care to factor in what is right or true. Your perspectives are un-American, and deserve far more ridicule than I'm prepared to pile on them.


I totally agree that Ergen is a clueless moron. However, it isn't because he is old. I am his age, and am nothing like that. Some of us old farts are okay dudes.