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Irreverent or irrelevant?
Kelowna, BC

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Re: DSLR Avatars; Telephone Customer Service Representatives

said by Insight6:

said by Insight6:

I am so sick of telephone customer service representatives. First off, restricting just those that speak English as their first language and are living and working in the US:

They talk one hundred miles an hours. So fast that even when they actually say something that if you saw a transcript of it only then you might make sense...still they talk so fracking fast one's mind responds to their blather as what the hell did they just say? Whether they are asking or answering a question it comes across as incomprehensible. It is as if the concept of the period or word separation has ceased to exist.

Then there are those that speak English as their second language, some in this country or worse outsourced. They fall into two categories:

The worse their English is then they think that the faster they talk the better it will be as no one will notice they can barely speak English. (You can't make this stuff up.)

Then there are those from certain overseas cultures that repeat religiously, like its a religious chant actually, over, and over, "I apologize" that... Every sentence of every thing they says contains the phrase "I apologize."

Finally, the CS rep, usually but not all ways outsource, that doesn't understand or hear a word you say as they are totally absorbed in looking at their computer interface CS data in front of them. I swear half the time instead of asking them a standard question or making a standard comment you could toss in a "You mother wears army boots when she screws" and they would reply, "I apologize for the inconvenience"

And the problems just get worse as the voice quality of telephone calls understandably decrease with greater dependency on cellular as the telephone source.

That's sure the way I see it and personally experience it. Hope others have had and are having a better experience but I suspect many have shared my perspective.

Replying to yourself? How interesting.
Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.


said by Juggernaut:

Replying to yourself? How interesting.

It's the completely logical and cleaver thing to do given ALL of the other posts in this thread on the OP subject of customer service reps.

It bypasses the both the logical, reasonable posts about the other topic, on avatars, in the OP as well as the the few minority in number mentally irregular posts by the obsessed about avatars.

By responding to myself it at least gives a good topic the opportunity to be jump started commented upon by others.