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reply to mozerd

Re: Networking quickbooks - network quality.

The thing is that no one is running reports or graphs of any kind on quickbooks. Literally,the only thing that causes a bottleneck is typing a customer name in the customer search box and hitting enter. The windows experience index on the main machine gets over 7 for everything, as it should for being a core i7 3.1 GHz processor, with 16 GB of cas 8 memory, and a z77 chipset, and it can still take 30 seconds for a search. I run reports on my machine regularly, and they run just fine, even the ones with pretty graphics. That's not a regular task, nor the one I am complaining about today. The workstations get 6s on the experience index and a 3.5 on graphics.

I decided to go out into the world and do some real research, since a lot of businesses that I sell parts to that are in the same business I am use quickbooks. Instead of continuing to dick around on my own setup I figured it would be worthwhile to try other setups. Most of my queries on this have lead to similar responses. I can't believe you have problems. Wow. We use QB for x, y, and z with h customer amount and it works perfectly fine. Then I walk over to their machine, and type chris into the customer search box, and hit enter, and one of two things has happened.

a) It loads the results in under five seconds, from their customer database of under 500 customers.

b) It takes 30-50 seconds like it does on my machine, with 12,000-28,000 customers, and they go "oh,we never do that. we just scroll to the name."

After this experience, I am inclined to believe that QB database performance just isn't that great when it comes to this particular issue: searching by a broad name for a customer. There must be another type of database, or you all are screwing with me. What I have learned thus far from this thread is that there are two different database types, an SQL version of quickbooks enterprise, and a flat file version, which has been excellent educational information. Given the idea that either the integrated NIC on the high end board, $180 16 port cisco switch, and core i7 setup I built are bad, or the difference in database types is the cause of my woes, I will take a guess it is the latter. I am ignorant and had no idea there were multiple database types for quickbooks, and this ignorance has cost me a lot of frustration. I am glad to have learned something from this thread!

So now I am going to research the different databases I can have in quickbooks and hopefully find something useful.

I am inclined to believe with twizlar. I am going to try what you suggest. I like QB because my CPA, who saves me tons of money, loves QB. Also since I am kind of stuck with it since I started using it two and a half years ago, and was stuck with it before I knew it was crap. It would be a nightmare to stop the synchronization process of orders from so many different venues, figure out which were posted & which weren't and migrate to new software at this point.
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Windows Experience Index
said by thender:

The workstations get 6s on the experience index and a 3.5 on graphics.

Your Windows Experience Index for the Workstation -- once computed -- will be the lowest number it finds -- so the bottleneck on the workstation is the Graphics system.

When you install the Enterprise edition it offers a number of options -- I suggest that QBE act only as a HOST in a Client/Server environment where the SQL-DB version plays an important role.

From reading your commentary you need to find someone local that understands how client/server works and how to best install QBE for and in your situation.
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