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Brilliant, AL

More than One DSL Line?

Does anyone know if I can get more than one DSL line in my residence? I would like to have another "dry" DSL connection for redundancy and to have a dual WAN router to have load balancing on the network.
Right now I have 4.0/512, even though CTL's website and some of the idiots that work in their customer service dept. insist that 1.5/256 is the fastest that I can get here.
What happened was, I was at my neighbors working on his computer for him, and I found out while configuring his modem for him that he was provisioned for 4.0/512. Since he lives just about 150 yards or so from me, and we are served from the same main line from CTL, I called, and actually spoke with someone that had some sense, and he sent a technician out, and they provisioned me for 4.0/512. I would like to get a second "dry" line provisioned with this same speed.
Does anyone know if I can do this?
Or would I just need to see about getting an Exede connection for a second line, since there is no cable or wireless provider around.
All of your help and input would be appreciated.


Spokane, WA
The following is just a general comment.

The "idiots" can only setup an order as to what the system shows. They can't make changes in the database that provides the available speeds. Loop qual as it was originally called is based upon cable records that have cable feet and cable gauge entered into a database. Cable records come from engineering work prints, from those contractors install cables as per the print. They are supposed to submit as-built prints with the actual footage of the cables. Splicers then do whatever needs to be done to complete the job, again another as-built is submitted. Then a clerk makes any changes to the records to reflect the as-built's. Are there several places for errors? Yup.

If you truly want the second line just order it and after it is installed call until you find someone to increase the speed. The fact that the other line is provisioned at 4 meg, I would like to think that this would be a no brainer to fix.

In a perfect world, one would think the records would get changed to reflect your 4 meg speed......

former qwest

agreed, office records are always poor, even when I worked for AT&t and then Lucent.


Gulliver, MI

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reply to bobvick
I have 2 lines and 1 of them is a Dry line and that works fine(have no dual wan router as it is not needed for us) Redundancy you say...then i would have another provider for the second line like cable or something.If 1 line goes out with DSL there is a 99% chance the other will go out as well at same time as that has happened more than once for us.(cut fiber etc.)

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
I agree, if you want redundancy one line should be another ISP if possible, cable. Cable is usually a better choice as a whole than CL anyway. Atleast select CL as one ISP and another ISP for the 2nd DSL line.

When one DSL line of mine goes down, both DSL lines go down 100% of the time. The fault is always with CL, not the local ISP.

Also depending on your local DSLAM two DSL lines might not be much faster than a single DSL line, due to the DSLAM over sold.

Brilliant, AL

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reply to bobvick
Thanks for the comments. I decided against Exede, the latency is about 10-15 times as long as DSL, which would mean that webpages would likely load slower with the 12 Mbps Exede vs. the 4.0 DSL, not to mention the data cap and the 2 year contract fee. The cheaper plan is $60 per month for two years, they fail to include the $9.99 modem lease fee in the ads.
At any rate, because CTL is the only game in town for high speed, no cable or wireless provider, I called CTL, and actually got to speak with an intelligent CSR. She explained that I could get the dry DSL connection for $30 per month, and that she would send a technician out to install and do a line quality test to see if 4.0 is the fastest download speed that I can get. I have ordered a SysWAN Duolinks SW24 router to allow load balancing between the two connections. Maybe at the least it will provide more bandwidth for my network, if not more speed. I appreciate the suggestions.