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united state
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Re: [Northeast] VPN into my home

With the dual NAT, I am not sure how difficult this will be... I have set up my parents Actiontec and their computers for RDP. They like the fact that its like they are sitting at their computers. The port fowarding with the Actiontec was a little bit more confusing then the Linksys I have at home. Also with the RDP, things are faster. I had set up a VPN at my house and it was very slow. That was a while ago when I only had 3/1 service. The only hang up is that some public WI-FIs don't/won't allow access to port 3390, which one computer is using for its RDP.


Why not just simplify things. If all you're looking for is remote control of the systems, just employ something like LogMeIn Free and be done with it. Their service is free for personal use, secure, and you don't need to worry about building rules to allow ports to be open since the host service running on the PC tunnels out on its own. Plus, you can also remote into the system from a mobile device should you ever need to and you don't have access to a PC.

Your biggest issue with your setup is the dual NAT you've got going on. That's bad enough as it is.


Toms River, NJ
I will go with LogMeIn Free that seems to be the easiest way to do what I want. Once I'm controlling that PC I can use VNC from it to access my other computers.


If it's available (often in BIOS) make sure the PC with LogMeIN on it is set to restart itself if you have a power outage..