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Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS

Understand and shut down

So two primary things I get from this:
As always, gov't and commercial entities want to know more about you - either to ensure you're not a troublemaker or to ensure you will buy something from them. A conspiracy theorist couldn't have come up with a better way to enable this than to make cellphones affordable to everyone.

If any of that bothers you, either don't get cellphone or turn it off if you don't want whoever is watching to know your location...
...that is, assuming 'turning it off' actually turns it off...
Don't Lie - Be Kind - Realize your Potential


East Amherst, NY
Well the government has be skirting subpoenas to get information for years. The government wants the data for populace control, because a free society is competition to a always growing government.

Cell phones w/ tracking allow companies "big data" to analyze human movement in effect to create greater efficiency (lower acquisition costs). This will allow more effective marketing, and can provide a great human good if the data is truly anonymous--but yet that is not secure just as when you swipe your grocery card, credit card, etc. If it's electronic, it's being gathered in some big database. For instance if the government used cell tracking data to monitor car movements, they could create more efficient traffic management, plan roadways, change lights, etc. These are good, but as we all know the government cannot be trusted in it's current configuration.

So the only option is cash and a payphone, if you can find one.

We snit on location data, but most people don't know that ANY electronic exchange can be mined for data. Give your email to the Girl Scouts, they sell it to P&G. Swipe you grocery card, sell it to P&G. Swipe your credit card to buy Tide, sell it to P&G. Sign up for a drivers license in NY, they sell your data for money too, including your social security number.

All of these crappily guarded databases could easily be hacked, and criminals could act on them. It's just a newer version of the same old human condition.