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Your Daddy
reply to Endbringer

Re: [Classes] Monk Mistweaver

I just saw this thread after Endbringer sent me a PM. I've only got a level 51 monk at this point. I'm playing him strictly as resto and I'm having a good time.

There's some pointers I gave out in a PM that I'll share here as well. You can DPS as resto (mistweaver, screw you, I'm calling it resto) just as effective or possibly more effective than the normal DPS spec/stance.

When you're grinding quests, there is a massive self-heal function of DPS'ing in a resto setup. Make sure you stack int/spirit gear. Int is converted into spell power which is converted into attack power. Spirit is converted into hit/expertise.

Your rotation is Jab x4, Blackout Kick x2. If you get the glyph for Blackout Kick, you'll edge out a little better with Jab x2, Blackout Kick x1 with 100% DoT uptime. Really not that big of a deal though.

At the lower levels, I was coming out on top with DPS. The tanking monk has very strong AoE at low levels. I find that AoE is really weak for DPS/Healing monks until level 46. Once you hit 46, you are the AoE god. If you do it in resto spec, you're going to see a ridiculous amount of numbers.

More than half the dungeons I've run as the "role" of healer, I've actually topped the DPS meters on most of the fight. By doing so much damage, I'm actually able to keep the team alive. Dungeons clear faster with 4 DPS intead of 3. It's good times. The big issue is mana when dealing DPS. Once I got into my 40's, I noticed that Jab was starting to whittle away at my mana bar. I had to drink more. The spinning crane kick can be a large mana hog as well.

If you queue'd up as a DPS, simply exhaust your mana bar and then switch over to the other stance and do mediocre DPS with energy. You can still use spinning crane kick almost as effectively (no heals) while in DPS spec.

Now that I'm in my 50's, I've stopped trying to compete on DPS. I see the separation take place. DPS is starting to edge out, where I was #1. I can still crush on AoE fights with crane kick and when there's AoE, crane kick is also the most effective cluster-heal.

In battle-grounds, the monk is obscene. I tried from low levels up to where I'm at now and I'm doing amazing. I was able to keep a player alive from an onslaught of 5-6 alliance players. There are some players that I can ignore entirely as they beat on me, just through my abilities passively healing me.

If it gets real bad. I roll out of the way once or twice and heal to full instantaneously.

In my 20's, I once sat at stables as 3 players tried to kill me for a solid 5 minutes. I had a full mana bar and kept myself alive with minimal effort. I can imagine the pure frustration on their part. Even with CC, all the passive heals that sit on me make it nearly impossible to burst me down unless an entire team is focused on me. I die about once every other battleground. I let about one player die every other battleground. It takes an extreme amount of focus. I can solo heal an entire effort in Alterac Valley with no issues.

Monks are OP.
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Ruffs Dale, PA
The dpsing to heal loses some of its luster at end game as your actually going to oom pretty quickly just using jab/BoK.. Just something to keep in mind. I never healed until 90 so I didnt learn one way or another leveling. While the combo will stack mana tea, the mana return from mana tea wont compensate mana used to dps for any fight over a minute and a half or so.


Fishers, IN
reply to Archivis
Great information, i made some adjustments to my gear and play style and i feel like i have a whole new toon!!