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Re: PTP link problem, 300ft with NanostationM2

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I got it up and running, power range from -58 to -68, usually right around -64. The best speed test I got was almost 20mb, that was at a 20mhz width.

I changed it to 40mhz with and it seemed to get lower, lucky to get anything past 10mb. The connection at the modem is 100MB.

I would like to get at least 50MB out of this. Is that possible at 300ft? Or too much noise? Or something else? As others have said, I wish UBNT had bandwidth test on the APs. I can ping the AP or the rotuer behind it and get 1ms to 4ms on average.

IMHO: Bandwidth testing ON the device is never a fair measurement of the throughput OF that device... buffers, I/O and CPU all play a role, and when you're testing using the same device that you ARE testing it's pretty unlikely to be a true measurement. Use IPerf. It's easy to learn and easy to use.
With those numbers I'd expect at least 30 Mbps. 2.4 is ugly. I'd also try Hard Coding your Ethernet ports to 100/FD on all devices if you haven't already - that may help.

Fo' Shizzle
Houston, TX

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reply to TheHox
Turn AirMax OFF and manually set ACK to the minimum value. Lock the channel width to 40 and enable channel shifting to step a half channel between the regular noise. Find the most quiet frequency using the built in air view utility or even a simple site survey. Push the TX power up to within 3 dB of maximum, or an RX level of -53 dBm on the partner radio, which ever comes first.

I have had best luck with the firmware version you are using. 5.3.3 is some excellent stuff. 5.5X got away from Ubiquity. Bloated and still waiting for more patches.