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Google Street View Maps bring security to Detroit Residents

Some things can really be exaggerated and urban myths created regarding security. Well that is until you combine Google Street View Maps and the great City of Detroit that lovely city in Michigan. Then legend becomes reality.

Detroit — Google is putting Detroit on the map — and not in a good way.

The Internet is abuzz over an image of a bare-chested man pointing a gun from the porch of an east side home as part of its popular Street View mapping project.

The pictures found on Google Maps — time-stamped September 2009 — are being reviewed by criminal investigators with the Detroit Police Department, Sgt. Alan Quinn said.

The photos were taken at the same Brinker Street home where a 1-year-old girl's body was discovered in a closet in June shortly after relatives reported her missing, according to public records.
From The Detroit News:


Note the photos to the side of the story that you can zoom in on.

No wonder the police publicly say they to Detroit residents that they can’t protect them and that they are out-manned or that the population is declining as fast as property values.

Some how I don’t think security was in the forefront of the goals of Google objectives in creating street view maps.

It is a bit ironic that we talk about invasion of privacy or loss of liberty and rights with video cameras proposed to be posted in certain areas when stuff like just random street views for maps turn up stuff like this.

Hey if I lived in Detroit I would have hardened flood lights, claymore mines ringing the house, a Benelli M4 shotgun, several Glocks, and an M4 Carbine as well as a Barrett .338 caliber Lapua Magnum rifle plus many fire extinguishers, a ham radio and several telephones of different technology.

Seriously in general are there security risks to homeowners and businesses from Google Street View Maps?


Actually, I'm mildly surprised that some folks didn't jump on this. It seems pretty obvious there are some serious potential issues with people having street level views of your house or business.

Yes, I'm sure there have been other threads some where some time on this. Just as I'm sure there have been threads on what so and so had for dinner in 1999.

But with the constant complaints or criticisms about mounted video cameras in various public locations this issue I raise would seem a worthy topic.

I guess I just am slow on the uptake on the lack of interest.

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to Insight6
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I am all for it..it's all public..don't want them peeking in your windows and you want privacy..pull the blinds. Heck..we a satellites out there that can read the newspaper over your shoulder for years now.

Here is a Google map with labels..guess where ?

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

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Taiwan to ask Apple to blur sensitive military images

Taiwan said Tuesday it will ask US tech giant Apple to blur satellite images of sensitive military installations which are freely available to iPhone 5 users. The defence ministry reacted after the Liberty Times newspaper printed a satellite picture, downloaded with an iPhone 5, showing a top-secret long-range radar base in the northern county of Hsinchu. "Regarding images taken by commercial satellites, legally we can do nothing about it," the ministry's spokesman David Lo told reporters. "But we'll ask Apple to lower the resolution of satellite images of some confidential military establishments the way we've asked Google in the past," he said, referring to the Google Earth programme.

Read more at: »phys.org/news/2012-10-taiwan-app···ary.html

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
reply to Name Game
Google blurs out Indian Point, the whole Hudson River near manhattan and some parts on JFK.

If anyone used live maps (or is it now called bing maps) they would be able to see the same view without blurring.

I assume they are blurring anti aircraft devices or fighter planes (or UFOs? the truth is out there).
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