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Saint Louis, MO
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Re: modem fee

We've had this stupid argument before, you refuse to acknowledge the concept of de-facto, I insist that my bill is going up significantly for the first time in years. Despite what Charter states is the list price you continue to say my bill is getting cheaper.

Lets examine the concept of de-facto:

I own a used car, and a new law is passed in my state suddenly ruling that I can only buy a new car. The price of this new car is reduced to twice the price of a used car and 1/3rd the sticker price of the regular new car price. In the end it would cost ME more money. In this case BF69 would say that I am saving money because I suddenly get to pay for a new car at a lower price, even though I would never buy a new car without this new law.

Starting in 3 months my bill will go up to 47.50 or so from 29.99 for 15Mbps (the used car) Or I can pay extra for the new higher speed which I could care less about. (30Mbps = the new car in my analogy).

This costs me more money and I will have to use a modem from charter even though I already bought one that works great. (I am out more money here)
Every promo in the past was extendable or renewable or whatever and therefore the defacto price was never full price. Many businesses do this and say the regular price is higher than the sale price, but never sell the item at full price. Its a gimick and here is an example: Harbor Freight has had a sale on large tool boxes since they began selling them. The "regular" price is $200+ more than the perpetual sale price.

That's how the concept of de-facto works, and that is something you are welcome to ignore. Keep waiving the "I love Charter" flag and I will keep bitching about the new minimum speed. I am especially sad that the elimination of the 3Mbps tier is gone and how it disenfranchises low income residents that are being further pushed away in the digital divide.

West Tenness
said by grayem:

We've had this stupid argument before, you refuse to acknowledge the concept of de-facto,

You refuse to accept FACTS. Compare apples to apples. Old pricing vs new. The modem fee is NOT included in the price because there is no fee. If you insist it is then Charter LOWERED 30 meg by 26%. either way it's saving customers money. They are either not paying a modem fee and getting slightly reduced internet cost or they are still paying the modem fee and getting a HUGE reduction in internet costs.

I don't why you and people like you insist that promo pricing should be perpetual or you are somehow getting fucked over when the very definition of PROMO indicates TEMPORARY pricing.