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Airport Express Harddrive support?

I have an old Buffalo router, a b/g only router that I flashed with tomato firmware. Its been running great for years, and Tomato is fantastic. But last night when I was on the cordless phone I couldn't use WiFi at all due to interference. I also wanna add a guest network which AFAIK you can't do on this router.

I was thinking of getting the Apple airport express. I like the form factor and price, but one thing I would really like is being able to connect an external USB hard drive to store media. But I'm reading that you need to buy the $180 extreme version for this function. I have a powered USB external enclosure so I'm not wanting to use bus power as I've read this definitely won't work. But will the external HD work if powered?

Mclean, VA
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No, afaik the Airport Express's USB port can only be used for printers, at least that much is true for the one I have, but I'm sure the latest model is the same way. If you want to stick to Apple you would need the Time Capsule or Airport Express. Your best bet would be to buy a wireless N access point rather than a new router. You could keep Tomato and have better wireless coverage.

Decatur, GA
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Forget the Apple Routers. You need a special program to access them and they are no better then any other brand. IMHO not as good as ANY other brand
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I have a refurb Airport Extreme that I paid about $129 for, direct from Apple, and like much better than the Netgear I had previously. For one, Apple didn't try to lure me in with some bogus rebate offer and it doesn't have a cheap external antenna that's constantly coming loose. It has four Ethernet ports plus a USB port for network devices and it will run a guest network. Yes it does require Apple Software but it updates almost seamlessly whenever an upgrade becomes available. If you're already using a Mac then adding an Airport Extreme is about as easy as it gets.