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Signal Mountain, TN
reply to viperm

Re: shopping mall want's wifi

Here is what I came up with for pricing for 5 aps (scouring the web for pricing):
$350/ap x 5 = $1750
ZoneDirector 1106 (license for up to 6 aps) = $1200
Total: $2950 for year 1
What does yearly maint run? Any other expenses?

Meraki is $399/ap x 5 = $1995
Cloud Management $150/ap/yr x 5 = $750
Total: $2745 for year 1
+ $750/yr for management

So is one key difference between ruckus and meraki is the cloud vs physical controller approach, correct?

So if I was just doing 5 APs, which direction to go would depend on how much Ruckus maintenance runs. I like the fact that in theory you could drop maintenance on the Ruckus and still have something that works vs dropping maintenance on Meraki and you just have a paperweight. Is that a correct assumption?

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA

I usually see them charging me if you are a ruckus dealer 1 year of support and firmware upgrades is 10% of the cost of the controller.

Not retail cost your cost. So say your cost for the zone controller is like $900, so for 1 year of Partner preimium support (meaning I support the customers calls first tier) and one year of updates it costs your roughly $90 for the zone controller. For a Ruckus AP lets take the 7363 its like $45 for 1 year partner premium support.

What you charge the customer for your support time is up to you. Partner premium support is NOT available to the end user. There is another end user support program that is more money where the customer calls Ruckus direct for support if needed.

Projects like this I like to be the first point of contact and have them pay me for support. Since you know the layout of the system etc.
ComTrain Certified Tower Climber.
Wireless and IT consultant.
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