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London, ON
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reply to TSI Martin

Re: [Cable] No DHCP in London

I actualy called into support this morning. After (what seemed like a waste of time - changing the LAN Cable, Ip release & renew, rebooting and reseting the modem, trying to ping google (even without an external IP)) a ticket was created....

I understand the need for a process, but i keep wondering at what point someone is going to ask that i turn the bathroom light off to see if that fixes the problem with my internet connectivity!

No Ranging Response and DHCP fail erorrs on the cable modem are hardly an issue with my wifi router, LAN cable

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If you DON'T do these things, and TSI doesn't report to Rogers that you have, then when Rogers gets around to looking at the problem report, they'll say "incomplete troubleshooting" and send it back to TSI, wasting typically up to 96 hours!

So, as painful as it is to go through this process, it does have an advantage!

TSI Martin
Chatham, ON
reply to londoner1
What sbrook See Profile said is pretty much it. If we attempt to submit a ticket without providing all they are asking for, it's pretty much denied & they request we complete the troubleshooting. Being that they take around 48hrs to reply to ticket we submit to them, I don't think anyone appreciates a call 48hrs later to say, Oh by the way, we didn't do all the troubleshooting & so we now have to complete it & wait an extra 48hrs.

As frustrating as it sounds, we're not purposely trying to delay you getting your service back up. We want you to be online & enjoying your service.

It's not like we don't believe people when the call in. It's quite normal for user to not want to troubleshoot & expect the issue to be fixed now, but the reality is that it just doesn't work that way.

A surprising amount of people actually get their issues resolved by troubleshooting before any ticket is opened.

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