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Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: FoxNews Commentator says new fee is great....

Argh. Let's see, this is good because ...

In the end, you’ll get better performance out of a new modem you purchase than from hanging onto the old model. I replaced an ancient RCA model with a zippy $150 Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 modem and wireless router. In anecdotal tests, I immediately saw performance improve by roughly 30 percent. And if you’ve got an older Wi-Fi router, the SBG6580 should also improve wireless connections around the house.

The commentator seems to think the fee is a good thing because his new SBG6580 is "zippy".

He seems to gloss over 1) TWC leases SBG6580s. 2) He has been able to buy his own SBG6580 whenever he felt like it and 3) Speeds should be dictated by the tier you purchase, not the modem. His DOCSIS 3 modem may actually be slower if he's on a basic package, since TWC doesn't do power boost on D3 modems.

Or maybe this is a good thing because...

Now the question is, if Time Warner and others now see potential benefits to having customers buy their own cable modems, could they begin to offer the same option when it comes to set-top boxes and DVRs? One can only hope.

Oh, so now this is good because by adding a fee to lease modems they're ... going to start offering you the option to buy a cable box? Boy, that's a leap. Comcast has let you own your own modem for what, a decade now? No signs of cable box purchasing there.

Good to know TWC is writing stories for FoxNews.
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