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Culloden, WV
reply to justchil3

Re: [Speed] Issues since 9/22 & 100mbit upgrade. Cross Lanes,WV

Yea.... jddm72 & moldypickle you both seem to know the game, as I've had the 107 10 days, and actually it has only been there between about 5am to 7am, and all other times of a 24 hour day, and depending on their now regular automated messages about technical issues, it has been from 1 to 45 megs, even the tech that came out early last week declared his 30 meg was only pulling 18 meg, and mentioned that there was not anything personally technically he really could do, but he indicated he'd get it pushed up the ladder to a higher tech authority, and since that time things have gone further downhill , so no joy there either.
So far, it has been just a waste of money and the thrill is nearly gone, so falling back to the 50 is the way to go, but if part of the problem is actually an overloaded node like the tech had indicated, then I'll definitely just experience the same repeated slow downs.

I had better test results with the 20 Meg.

Hope some other national 107 users might chime in on their recent performance experiences.


Culloden, WV

The 107 is there, but unfortunately in a very small window that I'd mentioned is around 5am, but it would sort of be decent if half the speed was there half the time of a 24 hour day, instead of erratically up and down the scale and well below 50 meg.