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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to pandora

Re: Permits have taken forever ...

said by pandora:

Oddly ... yes ... I can use the driveway to park cars, but they feel more than 2 cars parked outside a garage creates "blight". I have only two neighbors who regularly have fewer than 2 cars regularly parked in their garage. Most put some subsurface and gravel down.

Strange. We have an ordinance that says cars must be parked on pavement (cement or asphalt) or stone. And cars have to be operational if parked outdoors, so no cars up on blocks or "parts" cars. But nothing regarding the number of cars allowed. I guess families with more than 2 drivers are SOL.


Decatur, GA

Where I live, you can't park on unpaved surface, AND it's illegal to park a commercial vehicle in a residential driveway overnight. I found out when a guest spent the night and had his electrical contracting van in the driveway overnight, and I got a summons.

Most of these "quality of life" ordinances are the result of some pissed off politician who didn't like what his neighbor was doing and got a law passed to penalize everybody for his problem.