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Honolulu, HI
reply to clawfury

Re: [MoP] Great Post - I couldn't agree more

said by clawfury:

I'd be good with that, Ginjer. I just want the option to do the things in the game that I enjoy to get to the same ends. I think a lot of people have lost sight of the fact that it's a game, and have bought into Blizzard's methods to extend the shelf life of their content. It's a game, folks - if you are forced to experience endless hours of content you don't enjoy to get to the few hours of content you DO enjoy, it's time to re-evaluate. That's work - a few things you enjoy, endless hours of forced tasks you despise. Why would you want to repeat that in your leisure time...?

Agree with you there. I like the game anyways. I like doing some dailies here and there and working on professions, etc. However, like some I do despise the fact that once I hit 90 I will have to do a LOT of dailies.
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Evans, GA
A little bit of patience goes a long way, though. If you aren't in a hurry to have your purples and clear content you didn't learn in Beta... there is a lot of fun stuff to do with a couple of buddies in Vent. Blizz got a lot of things right in MoP... just a couple of thorns in the cushions making everyone irritable... myself included (hate spending JP just for the sake of spending them).