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Brooklyn, NY
reply to shade45

Re: [TWC] RR Standard with Motorola SB6141 Speed Increase?

I called last Friday with the MAC address of my 6121 & was told I'd be called within 72 hours to have it provisioned. On Tuesday I still hadn't heard back, so I "chatted" with a representative and asked him please to get it done.

Heard nothing -- and anxious that they would levy the charge, I called yesterday afternoon & waited 20 minutes for someone to get through to "the local office." Finally I was "put through" and started to give another, rather ignorant-sounding grunt of a woman the MAC address. Then she told me in 72 hours, the modem would be provisioned. I started say, "No, no, NO" and she started asking me if I'd filled out a form Q54TH or something. Not quite flying into a rage, I demanded to speak to her supervisor -- she came back on the line 5 minutes later to tell me her supervisor would call me back, which naturally, never happened.

I called the TWC help number once again and somehow got put through to a national help desk line -- a sort of automatic phone line escalation, if I had to guess. I wasn't really thrilled about spending another half an hour on the phone, but at least the woman seemed competent. She said she would see to it the modem was provisioned, and that someone would call me in an hour or so.

Naturally, no one called back last night. I've just spent another three quarters of an hour with another woman on the national help desk line who told me that the modem has now been provisioned. We went through connecting and disconnecting it, only to find that the modem cannot sustain a connection and keeps rebooting. She arranged a service appointment.

My guess at this point after a week of delays, including approximately three hours on the phone is that my little corner of Brooklyn is not outfitted to handle Docsis 3.0 -- this miserable little timewasting scenario sure smells like someone isn't leveling with me

Of course, I was insistent that they not charge me the modem fee since I'm almost certain they will not have this sorted out by Monday when the fee goes into effect -- of course, the woman said "Oh no, of course we won't. And you will not be charged for the service appointment, either."

Who wants to bet me they charge me anyway?


Brooklyn, NY
Today -- nearly two weeks later -- I got a service call.

The modem, which had been provisioned, kept on rebooting. Turns out I had a bad splitter, despite having paid a premium for it at Staples. Tech installed a new one (free of charge) and was out in twenty minutes.

Service is noticeably faster. Also relieved since in the back of my mind I was afraid the tech would show up and try to tell me the 6121 wasn't acceptable.