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South San Francisco, CA
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Re: Would You Recommend Sonic.Net ?

We are currently using Sonic and I wouldn't recommend them. Our modem broke last week and when we called them to get some help they put us on hold for ~30 minutes, we finally get ahold of them and 10 minutes into the conversation the guy told us that he has a meeting to attend and would give us a call in about an hour. We all got sent home early because there was no internet connection and didn't get much done. We needed a new modem and it was sent over the weekend. They do have reliable internet but if you have a problem the customer service stinks.


Oakland, CA

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Well, for completion, I should report that I have switched my DSL off AT&T and over to Sonic.net. The transition has been, so far, seamless. I was initially unable to connect up my Apple Airport to the Sonic.net modem and called customer support. Contrary to the previous comment, they did a superb job. I was on the phone with them for over an hour as we tried various strategies to change the operating mode to bridge rather than router. There were some problems, mostly due to settings on my side, but most of the interaction was done remotely from the Sonic office. I'm up and running, with the Sonic.net wireless disabled and all wireless activity via my Apple Airport. It's hard to tell what my real bandwidth is, but dslreports tools report close to 5 MB/s down and better than 1.2 MB/s upload, which is better than I was getting. So far, so good.


Oakland, CA
Richard - I'm glad your switch went smoothly. I made the same switch about a year ago and it has been fantastic. I'm also in Oakland about 1800' from the CO and getting Fusion speeds of 16+Mbps Down/0.85Mbps Up.

Also Mac OS x 10.8 with and AirPort Extreme.

Congratulations on the conversion!

You kids get offa my lawn
San Jose, CA
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I guess YMMV. I've had nothing but stellar service when I've called, even when it was something stupid I did like plug the wrong phone line into the modem.