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"You do not have DSL Internet service on this account...&qu

I have a usage alert in my email (90% as of 10/11). I tried to check my usage, but the website says:

"You do not have DSL Internet service on this account, so there is no usage to measure."

On my account overview page, it says:

"For further assistance with Home Phone/Internet please Contact Us. (SVC01)"

On the Internet tab, it says:

"We apologize for the inconvenience. The information you requested is currently unavailable. (SVC04)"

It's been like that for a few months now. I just tried contacting support, but the robot couldn't help me and told me the office was closed until Monday morning. I have no idea if I will go over before then.

If I get hit with a fee for something I can't check, I am probably going to issue a chargeback on my bill and switch to Time Warner.

Warner Robins, GA

Re: "You do not have DSL Internet service on this account..

150GB per month for regular DSL. Subtracting 20% for overhead, that leaves 120GB per month. 10% of that is 12GB. depending on how many days are left in your billing cycle you should be able to make that last to the end of the billing cycle, with a little cushion. That eliminates the potential overage charge. You really need to move quickly to get AT&T to straighten out the account. If the rumors of big changes during November are true, AT&T DSL will be very busy dealing with lots of customer inquiries. You want to get this fixed before then, or you will be spending a lot of time on hold.


Chicago, IL
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I get that on my account all the time. It comes and goes. It is especially frequent in the first and last day(s) of the month.

Arlington Heights, IL
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What the...
20% Overhead? on 150G???
Its bad enough I get wacked with a Billing Limit now I find out I cannot get the Full 150G?

Plus, just after I get the Warning.. My Speed Drops!!
How do I know? I acceess my home server from work and get bandwidth slowdowns (upload from my home machines).