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Minneapolis, MN
·T-Mobile US
reply to djcrazy

Re: [General] English speaking rep in billing department?

Updated: I found a corporate store in Maple Grove and the guy that helped me was fantastic! He explained to me exactly what was wrong and then fixed it. Took a bit of doing though. Apparently, when I returned that newer phone 2 days later in 2011 and went back to my old one, the non corporate store forgot to reset my contract start date back to the original start date of Sept 2009. Because of that, the system thought I was under contract when in reality I was on a month to month for the last 11 1/2 months I was with Verizon. This mistake is what caused the billing system to generate a ETF.

Thanks for the responses.

Jedi Poster
·Champion Broadba..
Reading your posts I was totally confused. And that's a put down of me--NOT YOU. Guess I should be glad I never had to be a cellular rep!

Glad you finally got the right person!

Isn't that the way it is with some problems in any variety of areas or services? Mass confusion and contradiction, bad CSR the whole thing is a nightmare and then you cross paths with just one person that understands immediately and fully and so easily clears up the problem it is all most like you really didn't have that serious of a problem.