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Long Island
reply to limegrass69

Re: Dumb sales dpt

said by limegrass69:

Most of their lowball deals stipulate that you must show a bill from a competing provider (satellite or FiOS).

Thats what they say. And i know this but i just give the a chance. Their loss.

Account deleted

New Jersey
Same thing happened to me. No TV service at all, but I'd get worthless letters in the mail twice a month for a deal that required showing them a Fios/satellite receipt.

I put myself on the do not call list, so CV doesn't keep annoying me. But I still get Kathy Filosa's semi-monthly love letter telling me to sign up for CV's phone service which won't save me any money.

said by some guy :
My love Letters from Kathy Filosa

...But every week, Kathy sends me a love letter, and offers me the Optimum Triple Play, I think it is a personal sales campaign, because I've never responded, or called them since 2003. But yet week after week, they send me the letter, or card. So if figure they have spent around 70 dollars the last few years sending me love notes, and yet, I still have resisted the seduction of getting hooked on their crack. I figure my phone and Internet right now is costing me around 45 dollars, so adding 15 more dollars for that is silly, and then another 30 for TV, is even more pointless. And I still don't want to have to pay for Madison Square Garden, or for sports channels that I'll never watch.

Kathy, your wasting your time and your money. At least change your sales pitch, throw some porn in there, a cute dog, try something different. But in the mean time, I'm going to write Kathy, and nicely ask here to leave me alone.
said by the same guy :
Kathy Filosa never quits, or at least her direct mail managers

All I hear is how tight money is, there is no money to do this or that, but yet, Cablevision can send me mail every two weeks offering the same fantastic deal for the last 4 years.

I guess they don't really track the results of their efforts, because they keep sending me crap.

I sent this via their website,

I am curious if any one there is paying any attention to your marketing efforts, because Katy Filosa sends me mail every two weeks with the same crappy offer from you, year after year. It never varies, it never changes.

I am not interested; please tell your computer to stop wasting paper, polluting with inks and toner and wasting energy delivering mail to my home please.

Morons, No wonder cable customers are up in arms.

Account deleted

New Jersey
Oh, and Kathy Filosa's love letters used to start out with "Dear neighbor," like she lived on my street. I'm quite sure she doesn't even live in New Jersey.

Long Island,
shes not bad lookin..