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Stanwood, MI
·Frontier Communi..
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Re: [DSL] drop outs, connection interupted....multiple service c

Wow that's a lot of FEC errors if it has only been up for 1/2 an hour.
I usually see that many after a week on my line last time I checked.

I would ask to have your max connection speed limited to 17 or 15Mbps down and see if that helps.

You could also ask them to switch you to a different Dslam if they can. Dropping your speed a little bit may allow you to switch to fast path which will give you a better connection over all as well. (Latency wise)

FEC, HEC, and CRC errors types are a little confusing so here is some reading:
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward_er ··· rrection
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Header_Err ··· _Control
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_red ··· cy_check

Basically the high FEC error rate points to a noisy line. Basic troubleshooting you can do:
Do you have filters on every phone jack? sometimes adding a filter even if there is nothing plugged can be helpful.
Does the phone line pass along side a power cable? (crossing is fine laying along side is not)
Does the phone line pass by any large AC motors such as fridge, freezer, or other large type load such as florescent light's ballast, microwave, electric stove or oven etc?
How far away from the NID is your modem? (actual cable length is helpful)

Have they replaced the wires from the network box on the street to your nid or have they been checked that they are in good shape?


Onondaga, MI
The only line we have in the house is the new one installed to the dsl modem. The connection was cut where it enters the house and new was installed from there....Because it only went to the modem no filter was installed....

Phone line enters the house about 24" from the power service entrance cable.

Phone line is pretty much a straight shot. Enters the house through basement wall, crosses joist space and enters room with modem. Total inside distance is less than 20 feet....

The distance from the box on the outside of the house to the modem is about 25 feet.

Tech supposedly checked wire condition as that was part of our conversation during the install. He said because wires were good it was going to be an easy install, no digging for a new incoming line....


Onondaga, MI
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Status update:

Called tech support yesterday and tech came this afternoon. Checked line condition and said it does have noise but that it shouldn't affect the dsl connection. Checked wires from outside box on house to box on pole and also to the main box down the road and said they were OK....He did seem thorough in his testing and was genuinely trying to find a fix....but it wasn't until he saw 150K+ FEC errors (6 hour time frame) in the log that he truly knew what we were experiencing here. It definitely helped having hard copies of the transceiver log to try and show what is going on between modem restarts. What he did do was to back the speed down to where it should have been....7.8M down, 850k up in addition to cleaning up terminal connections both here and down the road. It HAS made quite a bit of improvement in the reliability of my connection. Been on for about 3 hours now and only had to restart once.....FEC errors are at 953. He is supposed to followup tomorrow and if problem persists will change to another port and possibly back the speed down some more..... , I will keep you posted of status and will attach the current transceiver stats:


London, OH
reply to Aranarth
Good advice. Needs to make sure modem is plugged in away from heavy loads. Ours used to cycle when the air conditioner started. Plugged into outlet not on busy breaker.
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