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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to Sinbad Sam

Re: Revolution (NBC, Sept 17)

said by Sinbad Sam:

Some nits to pick...
Railroad roadway not maintained for 17 years....

Then the logistics for the locomotive ie fuel(wood) and water.

Well the wood and water, what's the problem with that? Trains ran across the continent when there was no electricity other than the telegraph.

As for the maintenance, the Monroe Army could have been working on fixing up the tracks for a long while. And they seem to have plenty of slave labor to do it....

Good points, though.

Sinbad Sam

Arlington, TX
As for the Monro Army becoming Gandy Dancers to maintain the rail roadway...since there are currently no Gandy Dancers to instruct them on the "correct" way to do the work...They would have to learn the "hard way". that would mean lots of train wrecks, before they get a clue.

Yes long ago train logistics ie fuel and water, but those supply way stations are long gone before the power went away.