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Dix Hills,NY

Fios Quantum speed question.

We've all seen the ads for the new "Quantum" Fios speed increases for "only" a few dollars more a month.

I checked today and for me to go from my current 25/15 to 50/25 would be about $10 more/mo.
Is this worth it ?

I ask because once I upgrade, I can't go back, as they no longer offer 25/15.


united state
It's more bandwidth. Do you need it or do you want it? It depends on how you use your internet connection. If your household (or you) are light users (mail/internet/gaming), then no.

More Fiber
West Chester, PA
reply to shadowcaster1
said by shadowcaster1:

Is this worth it ?

That's a question only you can answer. No one here knows how you use your internet connection.
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't.


Dix Hills,NY
Well, I definitely use my 25/15 to the fullest , but I guess what I was asking is the $10 a month increase inline with what others have seen when they upgraded to the new "quantum".

I'm in NY, but would also be curious what other states rates are.

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Red Bank NJ
said by shadowcaster1:

but I guess what I was asking is the $10 a month increase inline with what others have seen when they upgraded to the new "quantum".

Yes, that is the defacto standard upgrade rate for the entire FIOS footprint.


Dix Hills,NY

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Great, thank you, that's just what I was looking for.

Edit: BTW, again experienced a problem when trying to change service(s) online. 100% of the time this year, I get this msg.
Anyone else?

"We're sorry.
We are experiencing a temporary problem and can't continue your order at this time.

Please try again later.
Or, if you need immediate assistance, you can call your Verizon local business office."

FiOS Guy

reply to Mahalo
It's 33 cents a day. I have the Fios 50/25 and I love it. I was actually downloading up to 80 mbps the other day on it. FiOS usually goes faster than advertised.


East Northport, NY
reply to shadowcaster1
If you're fully using your current speeds and think you could use faster speeds than go for it. FiOS is awesome because the speeds they sell you are more like averages not max (like cable companies). I pay for 35Mbps down and I've had downloads clock it at 50Mbps all the time.