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Gentoo Fanboy
Erie, PA

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reply to goalieskates

Re: Who controls the internet?

Made up? The ITU was indeed founded in 1865 and is currently a UN agency...

You do realize there were telecommunications before the telephone, right? »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telegraphy···legraphs
Out the 10BaseT, through the modem, down the co-ax, over the fiber, across the backhaul, past the edge router, off the network...nothing but net

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

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Yup..blame it on the French


And it goes back to the telegraph...and maybe that then is the problem..telegraph companies turned into telephone companies..they existed today..now we have the internet..and all of those are not telephone( land line) companies with infrastructure..some telephone companies have to give the Internet Service providers free physical space..and in other parts of the world those telco companies want their fair share and so do their governments.

As other's have commented at that link:

"While most of the world follows the ITU, North America does not. They have ANSI/Bellcore. China and Japan have their own specifications also.

After years of promoting CDMA against GSM and finally giving in, I doubt the Americans will give up their hold on the internet that lightly."

"TED 2009 - Jonathan Zittrain: The Web as random acts of kindness


Trying to control how every computing device on the planet talks to each other is impossible. Better that corps and agencies spend their time on finding common protocols, removing walled gardens, and accept the fact that the Internet is probably the single-most important; and single-most uncontrollable tool that mankind has at it's disposal."

" rather suspect the Internet is controlled by the US government except for the bit in China which is controlled by the Chinese government. Given its origins in the US military it is hard to get worked up about this.

In general I tend to view Google as the biggest threat to the western Internet because of its worrying use of people's confidential data and its corruption of search facilities. I suspect it has enough information on our politicians to shut them down if they cause it trouble. Fortunately it can't seem to get a handle on the faceless Eurocrats that are causing it so much trouble. It is a weird world when our only defence against Google is the EU."

"Telcos are always trying to get a slice of the content revenue. The reason isn't hard to spot, over 80 percent of the cost of broadband is incurred by the telcos building the access networks but they get a very small slice of the revenue."

"..over 80 percent of the cost of broadband is incurred by the telcos building the access networks but they get a very small slice of the revenue."

Really? Why not take a look at Verizon's revenues last year, one of the so-called telco monopolists in the US (ATT and Verizon have a majority of the mobile customers). In my book $ 110 billion of annual revenues at Verizon is not "a very small slice."


What about £ 46 billion in revenues at Vodafone last year? Small too?


"Some people think of the telco operators/carriers as "dumb pipes". With the great service your telco apparently provides you (singing their praises), you are paying them through the nose for getting in the way of your content in actual fact. They throw all sorts of roadblocks and barriers up ---- bloatware on your mobile device, carrier customisation, etc--- between you and your content. All in the name of "value added". Not bad revenues for a dummy?"

land of big

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reply to DannyZ
And yet the ITU is exhibiting all the problems of being taken over by the bloat that is the UN, which is the whole point of the article.

I realize more than you think. It doesn't matter what they were.

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI