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Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
reply to JohnILM

Re: "Optimum App for Android" gone

That's like rating a pdf reader 1* because the company puts out another app that is a .ppt viewer, and the pdf reader doesn't view .ppt files. The app does not do live TV, and it clearly states what it does. By not calling it "Optimum App" and calling it what it is, it gets rid of any reason besides "DVR manager not working" for people 1*ing the app.

Not to say the Android version of the iOS, Kindle Fire, and PC/Mac isn't long overdue (it is - and I'm an Android user), but the app has always been a web DVR manager and that's what it should be rated as. If an app has a missing feature that is in the vein of what it does, I'd say it's fair game. Another example of what I mean is that I wouldn't vote down the iOS app, for example, for not allowing you to watch DVR+ content you recorded even though it's not on a physical box.

Mayhem til the AM
Tuckahoe, NY
It's not really like your pdf reader example. It's more like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 coming out for PS3 with online play, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 coming out for XBox without online play. Now the big difference is that this app is free, so what can you do. When you have something called the "Optimum App" and it does certain things on iOS/PC/Mac/Kindle it's fair to expect that it'll do pretty much the same on Android. Moreover, considering how long it's been on iOS, it's understandable how many people with Android phones and tablets are fed up. I use the iOS version, so this technically doesn't affect me, but I still think it's ridiculous how long it has taken. (The same thing that happened with Netflix).

I agree, though, that now that it is actually called the "Optimum DVR Manager", there's no viable reason to rate it 1* for not having official "Optimum App" features.