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This is a sub-selection from Rooted wont work?

West Tenness
reply to Angrychair

Re: Rooted wont work?

said by Angrychair:

It may be doing a simple file system check for known superuser folders.

Of course the really obnoxious part of this is that technophiles (the same ones that like to root and control their devices) are one of the most likely groups for early adoption of a service like this.

By attempting to shut out people who believe they should have control over the devices they own this conglomerate is shooting itself in the foot.

Please. I don't get the whole rooting thing. Do you take your DVD or Blu-ray player apart too? How about your car? Do you tear the engine down once a month? Buy a phone and use the fucking thing. I laugh every time I hear a story about someone rooting their phone and bricking it.

Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI

People root their phones for things such as tethering. Otherwise the phone companies try to make you pay for the privledge and not just the data used.

Personally I just buy an unlocked phone.
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Jay, OK
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reply to 88615298

I rooted my phone simply because I am not able to afford the latest and greatest with tons of memory and have to have the phone for my job and all the bloatware that came with the phone used up a great majority of the memory that was on it, when rooted I could uninstall all the extra crap I had no use for and install the things I needed to earn a living for me and my family. You really should consider peoples reasoning before absent mindedly flaming things.

As for DVD and blu-ray players, if I could figure a way to make my old DVD recorder not tell my current cable box I am trying to record a PPV movie then I would gladly do it. Not being able to record PPV with some PPV providers and being able to record with others is just a money game played by the cable providers and the movie industry anyhow.
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