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Count Zero
Obama-Biden 2012
Winston Salem, NC

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reply to Happydude32

Re: Ahh the clueless iPhone consumer

Pfft I'd sooner use a dumbphone than a POS android. You couldn't pay me to use an Android phone. I've converted nearly all of my friends from Android to iPhone without even trying b/c iOS is still better than Android and the iPhone is better hardware.

Android makers can copy-paste the iPhone and iOS it however they want phandroid but if I wanted a 5", 2lb phone just for simultaneous voice-data I guess my only option would be an Android - but in that case I'd just go back to AT&T and stick with an iPhone.


1 recommendation

Don't argue with it. The size of his phone makes it feel cocky and over confident about his tech knowledge. It has no life and must make itself feel good putting down others by making up statistics he pulled out of his butt. He seriously needs to be medicated so that he may realize he is just a green sheep in the black barn making fun of the white sheep in the red barn.
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