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Re: Are you upgrading to Windows 8 on your gaming machine?

I think I will be staying away from windows 8 and staying with windows 7, so many new things to learn with win 8 and experience and its required to relearn all those things all over again. If you take a good look at all windows you will see a pattern (one version crummy while the next is better, repeat) windows vista was a very crappy windows, thats for sure but windows xp was outstanding and now theres windows 7, its as if its a newer version of xp.

I know a lot of people who put lots of time into xp and there still running it to this day witch is good imo, besides its the only thing that's compatible to old software (including games) heck I wouldn't be very surprised if many are still using win 95 but its there choice.

I was told a few times by different people that with windows 8, you can only install one OS (per machine/tower) if this is the case then i sure ain't going to even use win 8, I use to have three OS's on this system i had always been using and i had no such trouble with it and i don't want win 8 to manipulate that. I don't wanna even think about security on windows 8, passwords for administration privilege to install programs (same as in win 7) and even opening programs or updating (that would be ridiculous)
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Ironically CNET had a walk through to dual boot Windows 7 and 8, I couldn't get it to work following their steps, 8 kept throwing a fit that it wasn't the primary OS.