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[Speed] Getting 1/3 of speed for the 30.0 - Lexington KY

I'm only getting around 10mbps at the moment, while I'm paying for 30. Is there a high volume of traffic at the moment? Why am I currently getting these numbers, opposed to something around 30mpbs?

I've powered cycled the modem / router (Arris DG860), turned off the wifi and connected my desktop directly to the modem / router and I'm still getting these speeds.

Anyone have any idea whats going on?



I'm having the same problem in Shepherdsville, KY - I finally got insight to admit that they have a 'known service issue' in the area.

Had to show them that I replaced everything in my setup (bought my own modem, proof of a non-split cable from the drop, etc.)

I'm only getting above 6Mbps during the evenings but I get full speeds at night.

Hate that there is not another provider in the area.

Fozzie the buttplug, Vu the shitkicker
Evansville, IN
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In Evansville here. The other night around 8-9pm i was getting 6-9meg instead of 20. i just did one now (9:30am) and i hit 19meg.

Louisville, KY

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Hi, I work for Insight Communications in the technical support center. I have read your post and would like to help; however, because you are an anonymous user I am unable to private message you. If you would like help with your issue please send us a message or you can contact us through your local office or enter our online chat at: »helpchat.insightbb.com/netagent/···ion=1000. We are very sorry that you are experiencing problems with your service and look forward to hearing from you.


Insight Broadband Technical Support


united state

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reply to DevilOnE

Was at 20mbps solid until around 6pm and slowly dropped off. At 7mbps currently. Sent a message to the insight tech but if it is capacity issues then there is nothing to do until they get it in

Update: 9pm. Still at 7-8Mbps. Cable modem signals are still good.


united state

Jerry @ Insight called and was very polite and told me about the issue with the CMTS. I was very thankful that he called.

Hopefully it will be resolved shortly.


reply to Kartoffel

Having the same exact issues with my 30.0 service. Started about three days ago and is just god awful slow. I pay a stupid amount for t his service only to have connectivity dies once every 2 months for two weeks straight.

Its honestly just getting so out of control that I am contemplating dropping the package and scrapping insight all together. You all have come out at least 10 times this year to try and fix my issues and they have never truly been fixed. I've bought 3 new wireless routers hoping thats the issue, had new cables installed, had many new modems given to me by insight and nothing fixes the problem at all.

I am getting truly fed up with all this hassle. I have been trying to load a youtube video at 480p for 50 minutes. I used to be able to load a 1080p in 20 seconds. Just dumb.