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Centurylink = Complete Garbage

I've been using Centurylink's DSL for more than 2 years (started back when they were Embarq). But a few months ago I started to get random disconnects once a while. So I called the customer service line and every time they just told me to reset my modem, that worked for a while too. Now I'm getting disconnects every damn day! So I called again, they sent someone out, they said they came and did "repairs", same thing still happening. They told me they will come to my houses today between 8am and 5pm to take a look, well, I waited all day, no one came or called. This is the last fucking straw, I will go back to Cox. Even if it's more expensive, at least I'll have internet. Right now my internet is almost un-usable for downloading large files. Stay away from Centurylink.



we've been having a lot of problems, too, with CL. But at least someone came out and helped you. they won't even come out here. I live in WA near Seattle, they came out and hooked everything up earlier this yr and barely explained a thing...just hooked it up and I thought---'ok, well if there's a problem they'll just be really helpful and come back out' but that was NOT the case. and everytime we call (we've called three times in the pasr few wks) they, thought usually very nice, are talking to two people who barely know a thing about computers, and so it's basically not even worth it to call.....very frustrated. and we are still having the same problems.....we cannot use the internet past 6 p.m. on the weekdays....


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sadly as long as you pay your bill they wont care. the only way they'll care is if you change to another ISP.

Boise, ID
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We understand how frustrating service issues can be and would like to help resolve them. Please send account & contact details via the link »t.co/lm5JYoPO or email talktous@centurylink.com for additional assistance.

CenturyLink Help Team