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Re: [WIN8] How will Win8pro upgrade affect my Win7 Fam Pack??

But there is ONLY 1 KEY for all three of those Win7 licenses. Do you see my concern? Lets say I "just" upgrade 1 machine, and when I do, this new Win8pro key/serial/license INVALIDATES that old Win7 KEY completely.... Then I'd have 2 licenses (only one installed) that become INVALIDATED.

With that said, then it appears I HAVE to buy 3 copies ALL AT ONCE is what I'm seeing, NO? Why cant they just make a Win8Pro family pack for $120.00 and be done with it?

Microsoft REALLY needs to clarify this.

Apple is WAAY more lenient in this type of scenario, and I have enough macs to know this for a fact. I don't love everything Apple
does, but they DO get this part right.

Unfortunately I'm the type(career field wise) that HAS to use the "best tool for the job"(including linux), and prefer to have all versions of O/S's if possible...


I would think that if Microsoft has the ability to activate and uniquely identify three unique systems with the same product key that they'd have a system in place to identify when one & only one of those were activated.

I don't foresee you logging onto one of the remaining systems one day and seeing the "Not activated" screen. If, for some reason, that did happen I would think a call to Microsoft would get things straightened out. It seems silly that they'd invalidate all legit product activations for this scenario.

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So was the OP able to install Windows 8 OK? How did it effect his 3 user license for Win 7?