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Desperate Pa

reply to Selenia

Re: Kid control via router?

I wish it were that simple ( however it doesn't really sound simple lol) I currentl;y have the router set to block torrents, and shut off the internet in the house at 9:30pm during the week..the proxy might work except that they are very aware of proxy sites..actually I used to get calls from the schools cause they were using proxies to bypass the screening process on the schools computers lol..they were still on facebook and twitter even though the school had them blocked. the major thing they use the connection for is gaming..and the rule is you need to ask before you download..I have one that lays there and just streams movies all night..he swears he's not downloading anything just streaming LOL sigh..and then i check the amounts used and I have mysterious gig usage every now and then..considering nobody is supposed to download without permission how do i get 15 gigs downloaded in 1 day ..mm hmm must be the "mystery kid" you would think there would be software for issues like this..better home control, better control in a small office etc..??


Fort Frances, ON
You could install uniFi and impose limits with it but it isn't really plug-and-play easy, much like the mikrotik, pfsense, untangle, etc. options take some effort.
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reply to Desperate Pa
ok... So if your situation is as such than you might want to look @ WCCP in Cisco World or WebSense in Juniper

in the business world you cannot get around the WCCP as the router that is attempting to route the traffic will force the WEB to go to the proxy and this is Independent of the client.