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Re: As expected....

Google gave all valid fiberhoods the option to register. It's just that the poorer hoods were less likely _interested_ to register. What's interesting is that low income hoods with many immigrants had high registration... it seems immigrants are more motivated by the potential (they came to America for opportunity) than non-immigrant low income hoods who don't recognize opportunity that is dangled directly in front of them.

Assuming Google stays in the ISP biz long term, is likely Google will wire up all hoods in the end but that the registration just set the priority. They already plan to expand to N and S KC in 2014.

It's actually surprising Google targeted most of the lowest income areas of KC metro to start with. They could have started with the highest income but only hit a portion of high income hoods of the metro. All of Johnson County (the highest income county of metro) is so far ignored. So you can't bash Google for ignoring low income areas as that is where they gave first opportunity. It's just that some didn't bite.

Snohomish, WA
And as the housing/property price rises the poor get forced out and those homes and buildings get taken over by small businesses, at least until the roll out becomes more widespread, and the internet wanna be startups get culled.
If the few hundred dollars a month more for a standard highspeed connection or hosted server is the make or breakpoint of these small businesses then the increased rent/property value will promptly kill most of them off.


KCMO, KCK and the metro are huge in area. The entire metro will hardly be overly gentrified by this. KCK is the lowest income area of the metro - it needs this. If anything, some down and out hoods will get an economic boost with mild rent rate increase. Once Gfiber hits upper income hoods in KC, MO next spring (downtown, Plaza, Brookside, Ward Parkway) , this will probably be moot and the lower income hoods will at best see mild gentrification since they have access and other metro cities do not.

I won't be getting Gfiber until next Fall (Westport/Plaza area) but am hoping it raises condo values in my hood. Now is the time to buy in KC (at least in valid fiberhoods).