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Re: As expected....

Depends on the business and the situation. The place where you get the most business is not necessarily the place where you have the most people or the most money. It is the place where there is a high demand for what your business offers. Pharmacies for example are very often located in lower-income parts of town just as they are in higher-income parts of town. A person may start their own business in the any available building closest to their home. A manufacturing facility may locate to the place where they can find a reasonable amount of property for sale and key access to roads and may also dependent upon where the city lets them build. That may not be most populated neighborhoods.

Google fiber is a great project, but Kansas City might not have predicted just what the project will essentially do. It will raise property values where it is deployed, which can help some higher-income people and hurt some of the lower income at the same time. For businesses that need fast fiber, it will help. For a coffee shop that doesn't, could hurt with higher property taxes. But more importantly where it is not deployed, it will only lower them. It will make that house harder to sell and it will put businesses at a competitive disadvantage to others in the city. That could ultimately drive businesses out of the area where Google is not deploying and make the lower-income parts of the city even lower. Higher income parts will suffer from greatly decreased property values. That's not going to help anyone. It is creating a digital divide within a city. Digital divides hold back everyone.


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However the vast, vast majority of the cities' neighborhoods are getting wired.

Not all of them. Not yet anyway. But they all will be eventually...I guarantee Google will include the unserved fiberhoods in a future rally to give them another chance.

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reply to silbaco
It seems like you are just searching for a reason to complain. No one is suggesting that Google Fiber will cure all of mankind's problems (rich vs poor, etc). There will be no digital divide since the existing providers of DSL and cable internet will still provide those services to all areas.

No digital divide? You don't consider 5-24mbps down/1-2mbps up DSL vs. ~1000/1000mbps a digital divide? It's like comparing dial-up to DSL, except we are dealing with higher numbers.