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Valencia, CA
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reply to elefante72

Re: Nexus 4: Tmobile is the only carrier?

said by elefante72:

The reason why they didn't do LTE:

1. LTE phones run in different frequencies on different carriers. They would have to create a different phone for each carrier and likely kiss some serious a$$.
2. No provider currently allows LTE on MVNO (Sprint coming)
3. Cost, can keep it simple to support
4. The MVNO market is not small anymore, in fact that is where all the growth is happening. The big guys are simply churning product at this time, and slowly killing off phone subsidies. American Movil is almost as big as Tmobile (24 million subs) and that is only one MVNO.
5. Seriously undercut Apple. This shows a rocking phone for almost half the price, and no contract. This is an all out assault to Apples ridiculous margins. Apple puts out subpar stripper ipad mini with a resolution that my $100 china android pad has. I think my days of buying Apple stuff is done....

6. LTE isn't a big deal on an HSPA+ capable carrier.

On my AT&T iPhone 5 I get 5-6mbps on HSPA+, and 10-14mbps when I hit an LTE area. It's better, but not game changing. I usually turn LTE off because I'm told it'll save a little battery.

On my Verizon iPad, it's different story. When I'm on 3G, I'm getting 150-384kbps most of the time, and browsing media heavy sites is the pits. Things improve dramatically when I hit an LTE area, and I would never dream of shutting off Verizon LTE when it's available.

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East Amherst, NY
I would agree HSPA+ is powerful, but LTE is an arms race with these guys. None of these guys is going to pass on this.

In fact I'm moving my wifes prepaid from VM to Straightalk this week (on TMO) because I get like 128kbps on Sprint and my friend is getting 9Mbps sitting in my house. I hear the AT&T sims for ST they shut you off at will.

The CDMA vendors more than anyone else need off. Obviously Verizon has done that, but Sprint is sucking wind.